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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Desert Sun Stadium

A view from the press box in Yuma, Arizona at Desert Sun Stadium. It appears to have sprinklers in the sky.


joe caca said...

What an ugly looking stadium.
What is that in the background?
What is that in the foreground?
Just kidding Wes!!
Keep up the good work.
See you at the park>

Wes the Sports Guy said...

thanks. it was 104 degrees at 8:30 at that game. looking for more of the same as far as temperature today.

JOE CACA said...


mark6mauno said...

That is a really good picture showing those misters in Yuma. Better than any I've taken showing them. They make a huge difference. At some games in the past they've turned them off before the game is over and there is a very noticeable temperature increase in the areas where the misters are located.


Wes the Sports Guy said...

thanks mark. you do a great job of taking pictures of every player during game time. your the best.