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Friday, July 11, 2008

Armada 2 Silver Sox 1

It was a pitcher's duel tonight at Blair Field for game one. Both starting pitchers would not give in as the score would indicate. The Armada ride a two game winning streak into Game 2 as they improve their overall record to 21-20 and Reno's record now stands at 16-25 with the Fleet winning 2-1.

Armada starter Jonathan Figueroa (2-0) in only his second start this season pitched a beauty. In his first start he went 5 innings giving up no runs to the Calgary Vipers for his first win. Today was even better. 7 innings pitched giving up only 4 hits and striking out 9. Justin Segal came in the eighth inning striking out 2 and Nick Cavanagh got save number 8 in the ninth. How did the Dodgers let Figueroa go? (He last played for Single A Great Lakes Loons, Dodgers affiliate).

Reno starter Steve Russell (3-6) was just as good as Figueroa. He unfortunately got the loss, going 7 innings giving up 1 run on 2 hits while walking 2 and striking out 8. With numbers like that, 99 percent of the time it's a win. Reno reliever Derrick Landavazo pitched the eighth giving up 1 run on a hit and striking out 2.

LF Dan "Double" Trumble had himself a ball game. True to his nickname both his hits were doubles as he went 2 for 4 driving in the first run and scoring the go ahead run in the eighth. Reno All-Star C DJ Dixon went 1 for 3 sac flying in the only run in the ninth.

Probable starters for tomorrow's game for Reno Gustavo Vasquez and for Long Beach Nick Bierbrodt (1-4). Game time is 7:05pm at and the Long Beach Armada radio network.

Photo by: Mark Mauno


mark6mauno said...

Before this game there were three Armada players that had 10 doubles: Dan Trumble, Cleatus Davidson, and Ryan Lehr. After tonight Trumble has the team lead with 12.

Anonymous said...

Dan "Double trouble" Trumble lives up to his name once again.
Jonathan "Figgy" Figueroa is a stud on the mound. Great pickup for the Armada. Great picthing performane last night by "Figgy".
Good defense once again.
Got to give koodos to the Silver Sox's starting pitcher also. He pitched one hell of a game also. Great game to watch from the stands.
See you at the park. GO ARMADA!!!