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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lima Finishes Night Strong

Jose Lima ends the night pitching well. He picked up his second win this season, allowing ten hits, one run, two walks, and struck out four tonight. Armada fans got their moneys worth tonight as they give Lima a standing ovation.

Armada have a Six Run lead after Jones Home Run

The Armada continue to play good offense as Daryl Jones just hit his fourth home run of the season. Going into the eighth, the Armada are now up 6-1 over the Scorpions, with six runs, twelve hits, and zero errors. I am truly impressed that the Fleet has not picked up no errors tonight. The errors were one of the down falls for the Armada this season.


Jose Lima is really having a good night at the mound. So far tonight, Lima has allowed only nine hits, one run, two walks, and has struck out two. For some time Lima was struggling a little bit, and was having a little trouble with that long ball. Lets see if Jose can pick up his second win for the season.

Fleet holding Scorpions to only One Run

Bottom of the sixth inning the Armada lead 5-1 over the Scorpions. The Armada having a phenomenal night, allowing the Scorpions to score only one run. Yuma has committed three errors tonight, and that was how the Armada was able to pick up an early lead. J.J. Sherrill is now up to bat.

Armada score Two Runs in the Bottom of the Fourth

The fleet was able to pick up two runs and now have a 5-1 lead over the struggling Yuma Scorpions. Josh Womack has showed us his tremendous speed as he made it all the way to third base. He wanted to try to make a run for home but was stooped by Skipper Templeton. After the hit , Womack scored and the Armada Went up 4-1. J.J. Sherril went up to bat and was able to steal 2nd base, also picking up a balk as well. The hit by Casey Garrison allowed Sherrill to come home and score. The Sherrill score put the Armada up 5-1. So far tonight, the Armada have five runs, ten hits, and zero errors.

Yuma cuts into Armada Lead

The Fleet go into the bottom of the fourth inning with a 3-1 lead. Jonathan Lozada put the Scorpions on the board, picking up his first RBI of the night. Josh Womack is now up to bat for the Armada.

Score Still 3-0 Going into the third

The Armada defense has been great so far, not allowing the Scorpions to pick up any easy runs. The Armada have three runs, seven hits, and no errors. The Armada doing a great job not picking up those errors early in the ball game.

Armada up 3-0 Early

The Armada came out in the 1st inning strong by gaining some early runs, and now have a three run lead over the Scorpions. Omar Bramasco was brought home by the fly ball into middle field by Casey Garrison which gave the Fleet a 1-0 lead. Thanks to the hit by third baseman Napolean Calzado brought home two Armada players home for the score. I thought the Fleet was impressive in the first inning.

Armada vs Scorpians

The Armada meet the visiting Yuma Scorpions for the second time this season at Blair Field. The Armada currently have a record of 13-15 and hold third place in the GBL South Division. It's LIMA TIME once again at Blair Field

Armada Starting Lineup
1Josh Womack #20 8
2Omar Bramasco #6 6
3J.J. Sherrill #19 9
4Casey Garrison #23 7
5Matt Edgecombe #30 DH
6Napolean Calzado #18 5
7Daryl Jones #31 3
8Andy Bouchie #15 2
9Brandon Howard #2 4

SP: Jose Lima #27

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Armada take 2 of 3 games from Flyers

Daryl Jones ended up with a homer plus three RBI as the Armada take two of three games from their free way rival the Orange County Flyers, by winning 7-6 tonight. Keith Ramsey earned his second win of the season with five innings of work and Kochi Misawa got his first save of the season. Napolean Calzado got his first two RBIs of the season in two hits for the Armada.

The Armada have the day off tomorrow and will meet the Yuma Scorpions for the second time at Blair field. First pitch scheduled for 7:05 pm.

Armada still hanging onto a 7-6 lead

Going into the ninth inning, the Armada still holding on to a 1 run lead over the Flyers. The Armada have seven runs, twelve hits, and 3 errors. Kochi Misawa is pitching in his 3rd inning of work. So far Misawa is doing pretty good for the fleet walking 2, and struck out 2.

Armada lead trimed down to one

The Armada have only a 7-6 lead. Dustin Gober is replaced by Kochi Misawa. Gober is doing pretty good tonight only giving up 1 hit, 1 run, and struck out1 just in 1 inning of work. Gober didn't have a good night last night, as he couldn't find a strike out. The Armada have seven runs, eleven hits, and three errors.

Fleet up by two

Going into the sixth inning the Armada have a 7-5 lead over the Flyers. Dustin Gober Replaces starting pitcher Keith Ramsey as Ramsey has 8 hits, 5 runs, 3 walks, and struck out 1 in five innings of work so far. The Armada have seven hits, eleven runs, and three errors.

Armada Letting Cution Slip Away

After four innings of play the Armada are starting to let their lead slip away from them. The Armada got themselves a nice cushion in the third inning but the fleet let Orange County score four runs in the third inning. There was some right handed action going on in the bullpen as if Pitcher Keith Ramsey might be replaced to stop the Orange County run. The Armada have seven runs, ten hits, and two errors. Julian Benavidez is up to bat for the Flyers going into the fifth.

Armada lead by four runs going into the Fourth

The Armada had a 4-1 lead over Orange County after a two run double by the new comer Napolean Calzado. The offense for the fleet was great in the third. Daryl Jones just came home so now the Armada have a 5-1 lead going into the fourth inning. David Ramirez is up to bat

Armada lead after Jones two run Home Run

The Armada now have a 2-1 lead over Orange County, thanks to the two run home run into left field by Daryl Jones. The Armada have two runs, four hits, and one error

Flyers lead over Fleet

Going into the bottom of the 2nd inning the Flyers have 1-0 lead over the Armada. So far the Armada have 2ero runs, two hits, and one error. Daryl Jones is now up to bat

Armada vs Flyers Starting Lineup 6/28

Hello Armada fans this is game three of this freeway series as the Armada try to pick up the win in this final game vs the Orange County Flyers. The Armada struggled late in the game last night as the Armada defense wasn't that good, and the errors keep on coming.

Armada Starting Lineup:
1Josh Womack #20 8
2Omar Bramasco #6 6
3J.J. Sherrill #19 9
4Matt Edgecombe #30 DH
5Napolean Calzado #18 5
6Johnny Kaplan #5 7
7Daryl Jones #31 3
8David Ramirez #21 2
9Brandon Howard #2 4

SP: Keith Ramsey #22

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Armada fall to the Flyers

The Armada have lost their first game of this series. Long Beach now has a record of 12-15 for the season. The Fleet finish up with eight runs, nine hits, and five errors. The game was pretty close in the first three innings, and it looked like the Armada was starting to pull away from the Flyers, but Orange County was starting to find the runs which led the Armada to start struggling most of the way. The Armada defense tonight really was not that good at all and the errors once again were a problem for the Armada, and I bet Skipper Gary Templeton Will address that with his ball club after the game. Lets see if the Armada can come out tomorrow and improve from their mistakes tonight. Tomorrows starting pitchers are Keith Ramsey for Long Beach, and David Cross for Orange County.

Armada still struggling going into the ninth

Top of the ninth inning the Armada still struggling late in this ball game. The Armada had a chance to bring the score to 9-10 but the fleet couldn't capitalize with a run. Sean Buller is currently at the mound. Lets see if the Runs can come for the Armada. The Armada have eight runs, nine hits, and five errors in the top of the ninth. The errors still are a problem for the fleet.

Flyers now lead 10-8 over the Fleet

Top of the eighth the Flyers picked up some quick runs and the Armada now find themselves trailing in this ball game. Skipper Gary Templeton is now making his way out to the mound and Sean Bulller will now replace Justin Segal. The Armada have to go into the bottom of the eighth inning and score some runs so they can get back into this ball game. The Armada have eight runs, nine hits, and four errors tonight. Fernando Pacheco is up to bat for Orange County.

Fleet starting to escape from the Flyers

After a two run RBI by J.J. Sherrill the Armada are up 8-4. The Armada starting to show some of that momentum that they had last night when they took game one of this series. J.J. Sherrill, Omar Bramasco, and Andy Bouchie have been the key factors for this Armada Ball club tonight. Skipper Gary Templeton must be pleased with the way the Armada have been playing these last couple of games, after coming back from that tough road trip in Chico and Edmonton. The Armada have eight runs, nine hits, and four errors in the top of the seventh inning.

Armada on Top after Five Innings

We have completed five innings of play and the Armada on top 5-4 over the Flyers. This has been a close game the entire night, as the Flyers not letting the Armada have that same momentum as they did last night early in the game. The errors keep on coming for the Armada not only in this game but for most of the season. Omar Bramasco and Andy Bouchie have been having a good night for the fleet. The Armada have five runs, eight hits, and four errors.

Armada, Flyers tied at two

After three innings, the Armada has come back and tied the game at two, thanks to the home run by Andy Bouchie and the hit by J.J. Sherrill that brought an Armada player home for the score.

Flyers have a 2-0 lead over the Armada

Going into the bottom of the 3rd inning the Armada find themselves down 2-0 to the Flyers. So far the Armada have zero runs, two hits, and one error for the night. Andy Bouchie will be up to bat for the Armada.

Armada, Flyers Scoreless at the End of the Second inning

After two innings of the second game of this three game freeway series it's the Armada 0, Flyers 0. The Armada have zero runs, zero hits, and no errors going into the third inning.

Armada vs Flyers starting lineup 6/27

The Armada kicked of this freeway series last night with a bang. The fleet picked up some early runs coming out with a 4-0 lead at the end of the third inning. Hideki Irabu was fanominal last night finishing up the night allowing only 8 hits, 6 runs, 3 walks, and struck out 7 in 6 in a half innings of work. The Armada now have a 12-14 record and are right back up into third place in the GBL south division. Lets see if the Armada can come out with same amount of energy as they did last night.

Armada Starting Lineup:
1.Josh Womack #20 8
2.Omar Bramasco #6 6
3.J.J. Sherrill #19 9
4.Casey Garrison #23 7
5.Matt Edgecombe #30 3
6.Napolean Calzado #18 5
7.Chad Miller #25 DH
8.Andy Bouchie #15 2
9.Steve Young #1 4

SP: Scott Lonergan

Friday, June 26, 2009

Irabu finishes up with his third win

Hideki Irabu is done for the night as he was a factor for the Armadas' fanominal performance tonight. He finished up the night allowing 8 hits, 6 runs, 3 walks, and struck out 7 in 6 in a half innings of work. It looks like the Armada will take game one of this freeway series.

Irabu having a fanominal night as Armada up 10-4

Hideki Irabu pitches for his seventh inning of work as he has only allowed six hits, two runs, and three walks, and has struck out seven for the night. The Armada have 10 runs, 14 hits, and 4 errors in the seventh inning.

Armada score one run as they have a comanding lead over the Flyers

The Armada are starting to put the Flyers away as they have a 10-2 going into the sixth inning. Omar Bramasco hit a huge fly ball into left field that brought in Steve Young for the score. Going into the sixth inning the Armada have 10 runs, 13 hits, and 2 errors. The Armada are showing the Flyers no mery tonight.

Orange county scored two runs as the lead is now 9-2 Armada

The Flyers scored two runs in thetop of the fifth inning but the Armada still have nice cutton with a 9-2 lead. The Armada have nine runs, 11 hits, and one error for the night.

Armada on Fire!!! with a 9-0 lead in the end of the fourth inning

The Armada has come out with excellent offense so far in this game. JJ Sherrill with a stolen base, he is now on second with Bramasco at third. Iam impresed at how the Armada are coming out and playing excellent baseball after winning only six games on the road. Back to back RBI singles by Bramasco and Sherrill gave the Armada a 8-0 lead . As I see it, the Armada are puting away the Flyers early in this ball game. Newly aquired Napolean Calzado is doing pretty good as he just got an RBI for the Armada to score. The Armada have nine runs, eleveen hits, and no errors.

Armada take an early 3-0 lead

With back to back RBI singles,and a run by Steve Young, the Armada take a 3-0 early lead at the end of the third inning. The runs are starting to come early for the fleet as they try to take the first game in this three game series.

Armada vs flyers end of the 1st

At the end of the 1st innings its the Armada 0 Flyers 0. Zero runs, one hit, and no errors. So far Hideki Irabu has pitched well for the Armada so far, striking out 2.

Armada vs OC Flyers Starting Lineup

After a week on the road the Armada come back home for a three game series versus their rivals the Orange County Flyers. So far the Armada have a 11-14 record and are in forth place in the South division. Hideki Irabu will be the starting pitcher tonight.

1.Josh Womack #20, 8
2.Omar Bramasco #6, 6
3.J.J. Sherrill#19, DH
4.Casey Garrison #23, 7
5.Matt Edgecombe #30, 9
6.Napolean Calzado #18, 5
7.Andy Bouchie #15, 2
8.Daryl Jones #31, 3
9.Steve Young #1, 4

SP: Hideki Irabu #14

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Articles on Womack

Here's a few of the Womack articles that we've come across. Check 'em out...

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Monday, June 22, 2009

"Jon Wilhite Fundraiser Night" on June 27‏

Hey Armada fans,

The Long Beach Armada , along with the Orange County Flyers, will team up to host "Jon Wilhite Night" on Saturday, June 27 at 7:05 p.m. at Blair Field in Long Beach.

Wilhite, is a former standout baseball player at Cal State Fullerton and a current Manhattan Beach resident. He is the lone survivor of the April 9 fatal car crash that killed Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, Henry Pearson and Courtney Stewart.

"Jon Wilhite Night" is designed to raise funds through a raffle that will take place for his costly rehabilitation. Wilhite is currently undergoing a lengthy and extensive rehabilitation program, at a local Rehabilitation Center in Orange. He spent 20 days at Long Beach Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital after 26 days in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of California Irvine

The teams are requesting support , through a $5 minimum-donation raffle, to generate funds that evening. The grand prize includes four tickets to a future Armada game, a private meet-and-greet with the team, live on-field batting practice with the Armada, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch and an inning of broadcasting on the radio.

Donations for Jon Wilhite can also be made at any Wells Fargo Bank location to account number 3980643658 or mailed to the Benefit Fund for Jon Wilhite, 4733 Torrance Boulevard, #562, Torrance, CA 90503.

For more information, please call the Armada office at (562) 427-4487.

Please show your support Armada Fans on June 27th as we try to raise as much money as we can for this very important cause

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tonight's homerun highlights

Here are tonight's homerun highlights from the 7-6 loss in Chico.

Catcher Andy Bouchie and shortstop Omar Bramasco each hit their first round-trippers of the season, albeit in a losing effort.  Take a listen.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Outlaws walk off with win, 7-6

Having a little bit of trouble with the Armada website, so I'm posting the game recap of tonight's game here...

Former sailer Ryan Brown delivers game-winning hit

LGB 001 020 021 --- 6-11-1-6
CHO 002 003 101 --- 7-15-1-10


CHICO, California (June 19, 2009) –- The Armada scored three runs in the final two innings to close the game, but former Armada crew member Ryan Brown’s walk-off hit gave the Outlaws a 7-6 win in the bottom of the ninth on Friday at Nettleton Stadium. The Armada lost its fifth straight to fall to 9-11 on the year as the Outlaws improve to 13-10.

Hideki Irabu pitched seven innings for the Armada, giving up six runs off 12 hits with seven strikeouts and one walk in his third start of the season. Irabu did not factor into the decision. Justin Segal pitched a scoreless eighth for the Armada.

Trailing by three after seven inning, the Armada bats came alive late to tie the game. Omar Bramasco blasted his first homerun of the season to lead off the eighth inning. Casey Garrison’s infield single and a wild pitch to move him to second set up Daryl Jones for an RBI single to score Garrison. Jones’ first hit of the night cut the Chico lead to a run, 6-5.

In the ninth inning, Matt Edgecombe led off the frame with a single, and Andy Bouchie was hit by a pitch. Steve Young’s sacrifice bunt was thrown away by pitcher Ben Shockey, allowing Edgecombe to score, tying the game 6-6. With runners on second and third in the top of the ninth, the Armada couldn’t get another run across the plate as Shockey retired the next three batters.

Shockey (1-1) picked up the win, and Rusty Jones took the loss giving up the game-winning hit by Brown in the ninth. Bryan Silverman led off the ninth with a single, and after a Truan Mehl sacrifice bunt, Brown put the ball behind right-fielder J.J. Sherrill to end the game.

Long Beach scored first in the third when Andy Bouchie doubled and Steve Young singled him home for a 1-0 lead. The Outlaws responded in the Chico half of the inning with RBI-hits from Dan Luyben and Rich Janeway for a 2-1 lead.

Bouchie put the Fleet ahead in the fifth inning with his first homerun of the year, a line-drive two-run shot to left-center field that gave the Armada a 3-2 lead.

Outlaws starter Donald Brandt pitched seven innings for the Outlaws, giving up three runs on six hits with seven strikeouts and a walk. Jesse Oster gave up two runs in the eighth as the Armada closed the gap.

The Armada and Outlaws play the second game of this three game series on Saturday as Ben Fox takes the mound for Long Beach against Chico’s Michael Martin. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05pm from Nettleton Stadium.

Womack headlines Yahoo!

Josh Womack meet the Internet. Internet, meet Josh Womack.

The Armada centerfielder is headlining Yahoo!'s website right now. Here's a picture of the screen:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yahoo! discovers Womack's bat tricks

I just figured out why my inbox has been full of YouTube comments on a video I posted more than a month ago during the Armada's training camp.  Outfielder Josh Womack was messing around doing some of his bat tricks - notably the "Tray Flip" - which was caught on video.  Now he's becoming an internet darling of sorts with many people wondering if the video is real or somehow photoshopped (I can barely work the copy/paste function on my computer to begin with, so as the guy who filmed him doing this bat trick, I can 100% guarantee it's legit).

Here is the article from Yahoo!

If some mad genius ever creates a rodeo for baseball, his or her first call should be to the man in this video, Josh Womack, who currently plays for the Long Beach Armada of the independent Golden Baseball League.

Womack, a second-round pick of the Mariners in 2002, didn't have enough success with them to advance beyond Class A (other than some apparently token at-bats) before being let go in '08.

That he is batting .293/.387/.402 for the Armada this season in a league that features the likes of Jose Lima(notes), Mac Suzuki and Hideki Irabu must be great for Womack. After all, he's still getting paid to play a kid's game.

But it's not Womack's hitting that has the Internet Tubes abuzz. Add a ball to the equation and, sorry Josh, but few care. It's his nimble digits, the lightest fingers this side of a cabal of Times Square pickpockets, that are providing him this 15 minutes.

If you listen to the video, you'll hear Womack say he bruised a palm sliding into home. He's doing magic while injured!

Of course, the first thing one thinks about this video in this cynical society probably is:

Is is fake?

It seems real. No Photoshop or Final Cut Pro kind of sleight of hand here. Steroids? Well, who knows in this day and age. Let's hope not.

In case you're not convinced, here's another routine caught on tape (VIDEO) that includes Prentice Redman, a former major leaguer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Armada Final Recap

With Lima taking the Mound for the Armada tonight the fleet still had trouble picking up some runs early in the ball game. The Armada look like they had some life in them with back to back doubles by Omar Bramasco and Casey Garrison put the team on the score board, but it wasn't enough as the Armada fell to the Capitals 4 to 1. The Armada had 1 run, five hits, and 1 error for the night. The skipper Garry Templeton and the fleet look to get back into their winning ways as they head out on the road tommorrow to face chico in a three game series, then head back up to Edmonton face the same Capitals for a three game series. The Armada does not return home till Friday the 26th as the Armada faces their rival the Orange County Flyers. The Capitals seemed to have dominated this entire series, especially the first game on Monday when Edmonton scored seven early runs in the first two innings. I believe that the Armada will get back to their winning ways on this road trip. They need to try to put this home stand behind them and start off fresh on this trip. Hideki Arabu will pitch on this road trip as he tries to help this struggling ball club get back to their winning ways.
All road games are broadcasted live by Josh Feldman and can be heard by simply going to the Armada website Keep on believing in and supporting your Long Beach Armada

Armada vs Capitals Update

Bottom of the eighth inning back to back doubles by Bramasco and Garrison resulted in the lone run to home by the Armada. The Armada are finally on the board down 4 to 1. Lets see what happens in the 9th inning for the Armada.

Armada vs Capitals update

Going into the eight inning the Armada still trying to find some runs as they are still down 4 to 0. The Armada have two hits and 1 error for the night. Sean Buller replaces Jose Lima as Lima finished up the night with seven hits, four runs, and zero walks in seven innings pitched.

Armada vs Capitals Update

Capitals Joey Gomes just scored a two run home run to give Edminton a 4 to 0 lead over the Armada. The long ball seems to be a struggle for Jose Lima as he just gave up his fifth home run of the season. Lets see if the Armada can try to put some players on base and score in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Armada vs Capitals Update

After four innings of play the Armada still down 2 to 0 but the Armada are starting to play some good baseball. The Armada fans go crazy as catcher David Ramirez makes an amazing tag to end the inning. I can tell by the tag at home plate by catcher David Ramirez that he wants to head into Chico with a win tonight

Armada vs Capitals Update

After the third inning the Capitals have 2 to o lead over the Armada. A double play by Hornostaj ended the inning. The Armada is still struggling defensivly in this series against the capitals. So far the Armada have zero runs, one hit, and one error.

Armada vs Capitals Update

At the bottom of the second inning the Capitals have a 1 to 0 lead over the Armada. The Armada have zero runs, zero hits, and 1 error. Norm Hutchins tags Andy Bouchie and the inning is over. The Armada still trying to find a spark to score some runs.

Armada Starting Linups 6/17/09

Here is the starting lineup for the Armada as they try to avoid the series sweep versus the Edmonton Capitals. Its LIMA TIME once again at Blair Field.

1Brandon Howard #2 CF
2Omar Bramasco #6 SS
3Casey Garrison #23 LF
4Chad Miller #25 3B
5Daryl Jones #31 DH
6Matt Edgecombe #30 RF
7Andy Bouchie #15 1B
8David Ramirez #21 C
9Steve Young #1 2B
SP: Jose Lima #27