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Friday, July 4, 2008

Armada 10 Vipers 0

They avoided the sweep of the Flyers by winning 6-3 on Thursday and would continue the winning trend on the fourth of July by beating the Vipers 10-0 on a night where fireworks were seen around and in Blair Field.

Armada starter Rik Currier (3-4) went 5 innings striking out 9 Vipers and giving up no runs to get the win. Vipers starter Evan Greusel (6-1) went 4 1/3 giving up 6 runs and getting his first loss of the season. Viper hitters didn't have much luck either. All-Stars Darryl Brinkley, Felix Jose, and Drew Miller combined to go 1 for 9 with four walks and a steal.

The Armada bats were smoking as CF Steve Moss went 3 for 3 with a HR, 3 RBI, four runs scored night. 1B Tony Torcato went 4 for 5 with 3 RBI, a triple and 3 runs scored. Dan Trumble went 3 for 5 with a double and two runs scored. The Armada have three players going to the All-Star game July 15. P Nick Bierbrodt, P Nick Cavanaugh, 1B Norm Hutchins are going to the game in Texas later this month. As are Viper players Darryl Brinkley, Felix Jose, Drew Miller and Evan Greusel.

Tune into tomorrows game at as the game time is 6:35 with P Jonathan Figueroa making his GBL debut for Long Beach and Nathan Melek (2-1) making the start for the Vipers

Photo by: Mark Mauno


mark6mauno said...

This Calgary team looked totally flat. The Vipers never threatened offensively. Even when Rik Currier was struggling a little bit they didn't seem to be able to take advantage. And the Calgary pitching was surprisingly poor. The Armada looked good, but to a great extent the competition is what made them look good.

Michael Glomb, the new guy, played well at SS, but didn't show much when at bat. I saw him play in over a half-dozen games at LMU this season and he's definitely better than what I saw tonight. Last season at LMU he batted .321 though he had a weak slugging percentage of .389, but in the field he had only two errors in 53 games played.

mark6mauno said...

Saw on the Calgary website that this was the first time this season the Vipers had been shut out.

I also noticed that sometimes Calgary really has some clunkers. Two of note are when they lost to St. George 19-3 (June 5) and to Yuma 21-7 (June 6), so this 10-0 game against LB isn't totally alien to them.

As an aside, I think one of the best photos I've taken so far this season was at that Yuma game, of Darryl Brinkley (I just happened to be at that particular game):

mark6mauno said...

Oh, looks like I can't insert an image in a comment. This is the photo I was referred to:

Anonymous said...

I agree with mark6mauno about the new ss M Glomb. Beleive me, his bat will come around. He will end the seoson battime around .260 but his defense will make up for it. He has shown his defensive skills already at ss. The Calgary team is a much better team than the one we saw this past weekend. I expect them to be in the Leauge championship series at the end of the season. Actually I picked them at the start of the season to win it all. No the competition did not make the Armada look good. The Armada made the Armada look good. Go back and look at the box score for that game. 4 Armada players had multiple hits.

D Trumble 3for5, 2 runs scored.
S Moss 3for3, 3 rbi's, 4 runs scored
T Torcato 4for5, 3 rbi's
R Lehr 2for4
Not to mention R currier's dominance on the mound. 5 innings pitched with 9 k's.
Give the boys some love and the credit they deserve for that win.
The boys dominated that game from all aspects.

Anonymous said...

A comment about the 3 Armada players selected to the All Star game in Texas.

N Hutchins....yes
N Cavinaugh...yes
N Bierbrodt??? GET REAL!!!
Bierbrodt may be the leauge leader in srikeouts. (but just barely), but overall 1-4 with an era of 4.89 not realy All Star resume.

Even in the GBL deserving players get snubbed from an All Star team.
If the fans could vote, my vote would be for Chris Klemm. This kid hits .300 or better every year he has played in the GBL. Is a solid defensive right fielder with an above avg arm. I say keep Bierbrodt at home and send Klemm to the All Star game instead.