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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Justin Segal takes the mound for the Fleet

Top of the ninth the Armada still trail the Toros 4-2. Justin Segal replaces Rusty Jones. Jones finished up throwing an inning, allowing one hit. This season, Segal has appeared in fourteen games, allowing one walk, and striking out thirteen, in eighteen innings of work. The Armada has two runs, seven hits, and two errors. The Toros has four runs, eight hits, and one error. Daryl Jones is now up to bat.

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Anonymous said...

get off the x mlb kick, they are done, you guys are idiots last yearyou had youngsters take you to the playoffs,this year you aint going. layfield 7th in the leauge low era , where is he , claypool, 2 time all star , where is he , these guys took you to the playoffs last year. pull your heads out of your asses &say no to the gbl.this is for the kids not 40 yr old has beens