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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Armada vs Toros 7/12

Game three of this three game series, the Armada looking for their first win of this series. The Armada are currently o-2 in the second half of the GBL season. The Armada will be able to get some rest during the All Star break, which starts tomorrow. After the break, most people say that is the half way point of the season, so the Fleet still have time to clinch their spot in the playoffs. Hideki Irabu will take the mound tonight, as he looks for his fifth win of the season. Hideki is currently 4-1 this season. We need your suport Armada fans, as we make a push for the Playoffs.

Armada Starting Lineup:
1. Josh Womack #20 8
2. Brandon Howard #2 6
3. Napolean Calzado #18 5
4. Matt Edgecombe #30 DH
5. Daryl Jones #31 3
6. Matt Hirsh #32 9
7. Jonny Kaplan #5 7
8. David Ramirez #21 2
9. Steve Young #1 4

SP: Hideki Irabu #14 RHP (3.99 ERA)

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