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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Armada fall to Road Runners 3-2

Hideki Irabu tied a season high with nine strikeouts but the Fleet fall to St. George 3-2 and let game one slip away. The Armada have now lost their second consecutive game, and now fall to 2-6 in the second half of the GBL season.

Long Beach came out in front with Calzado stealing second base and advancing to third off a bad throw from Rodriguez. Andy Bouchie hit a base hit allowing Calzado to come home and score, giving the Armada a 1-0 lead.

Bottom of the third back to back singles form Brandon Howard and Josh Womack put runners on first and second base. A deep fly ball from Napolean Calzado brought in Brandon Howard to give the fleet a 2-0 lead.

St. George would respond when Cody Nowlin was walked and Angel Sanchez was hit by the pitch to put runners on base. A sacrifice fly and bunt allowed Cody Nowlin to come home and score, to cut the Armada lead to 2-1.

St. George was not done, in the bottom of the sixth innning Rudy Yan singled, and Hideki Irabu balked which allowed Yan to move to second. Then Rodriguez doubled to left field and brought in yan to tie the ball game at two. Then Cody Nowlin singled in to give the Road Runners their first lead of the night 3-2.

The Armada tried to recover but Bartolome Fortunato closed the game to give the Armada the loss.

Jose Lima will take the mound tomorrow. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 pm. Fans come on out to Blair Field and support your home team the Long Beach Armada as we make our run for the playoffs. If you haven't experienced Armada Baseball live, come on out to Blair Field and enjoy some family fun entertainment.


Anonymous said...

there you go josh your big leaugers getting the job done while you got 2 young men that helped get you to the playoffs the last two years sitting at home, im sure they are laughing at you idiots as the rest of us are

Joe Caca said...

The boys played a good game last night. Again the pitching was pretty much the story of the game. Good pitching from both teams. The defence has been there for the boys. Again as it has been all season long, the timely hitting has not been there at all. At one point in the game, the boys hit the ball hard and deep, but directly at the defence. One or two of those find a gap or drop infront of the defence and the end result could easily have been an Armada win. Although Irabu's gas tank was showing empty in the 5th inning and finally ran out of gas in the 6th, he pitched a decent game. His curve ball was filthy. I heard some of the St Goerge batters coming back to the gugout mumbling in spanish that his curveball was just sick. Plus his fastball was up aroung 90-91 mph. Not bad for a chain smoking pot bellied 40 year old. The old man can still pitch and pitch effectivly. Too bad it's only for 4-5 innings per game. Beyond 5 innings, he runs out of gas. The bullpen again was lights out.
Like I said before.....maybe pitch the bullpen instead one game and see what happens. It could not hurt.
See you at the yard.