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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Armada vs Toros 7/18

Game three of this four game series, the Armada fell last night to the Toros 6-3. Bottom of the fourth the Armada was down 5-0. We all thought the game could be over, but thanks to the two run home run by Omar Bramasco the Fleet were only down by two runs. The Armada tried to make a comeback and win the ball game, but the Toros were able to find runs late in the ball game, and escape with the victory. The right handed pitcher Scott Lonergan will take the mound tonight, as he has a record of 3-3, and will look for his fourth win of the season. Lets see if the Armada will come out hungry, and score some early runs.

Armada Starting Lineup:
1. Josh Womack #20 8
2. Omar Bramasco #6 6
3. Napolean Calzado #18 5
4. Andy Bouchie #15 2
5. Matt Edgecombe #30 DH
6. Daryl Jones #31 3
7. Jonny Kaplan #5 9
8. Casey Garrison #23 7
9. Steve Young #1 4

SP: Scott Lonergan (5.65 ERA)

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