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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gober and Armada get the Victory

With the kids cheering on, the Armada get the victory, beating the Yuma Scorpions 2-1. Dusty Gober picks up his second win of the season, and the Fleet now have a 4-8 record in the second half, 24-26 overall.

Yuma would go up first with a two out RBI double from Reynaldo Rodriguez gave the Scorpions a 1-0 lead over the Armada.

It wouldn't take the Armada long to respond back as Josh Womack led off with a base hit and made it all the way to third base off a sacrifice bunt from Brandon Howard. The back to back double from Omar Bramasco brought in Josh Womack, and Jonny Kaplan to put the Armada up 2-1.

In the ninth inning the Scorpions tried to come back but Koichi Misawa closed out the game, and handed the Scorpions the loss.

The Fleet is back in action tomorrow as the Armada look to wrap up this series with a win. Hideki Irabu will get the ball. Were back to our regular schedule with the first pitch scheduled for 7:05 pm.


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Joe Caca said...

Kudos to D. Grober. He pitched on hell of a game. 8-9 k's ( I lost count).
He was mixing up his pitches very effectivly. His change up was filthy and gave the Scorpians fits. Good aggresive base running by J Womack. I talked to him after the game and he said he had made his mind to take third once the ball got to the outfield. I like that type of thinking. Again....put the pressure on the defence. I still see alot of holes in the offence though. I see that G. Templeton is making alot of changes in the line up day by day. Alot of fans don't care for it because there favorite players may not be playing, but if they can't produce......"ride the pine". That's baseball. Looking at the GBL stats, the Armada again has the best overall ERA. Now we need to get the bats going and give the pithing some run support.
See you at the yard.

Anonymous said...

Gober is a STUD