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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Armada vs RoadRunners

All right Armada fans St George is finally in town for a three game series. This series will determine were the Armada stand at this point in the season, and how well of a team they are. St George clinched the first half GBL title, with a 25-15 record in the south division. Stay tuned Armada fans in what should be an exciting series. Hideki Irabu will be taking the mound tonight, as he looks for his fifth win of the season. Also newly acquired right fielder Asif Shah is in the lineup tonight

Armada Starting Lineup:
1. Josh Womack #20 8
2. Omar Bramasco #6 6
3. Napolean Calzado #18 5
4. Andy Bouchie #15 2
5. Matt Edgecombe #30 DH
6. Daryl Jones #31 3
7. Jonny Kaplan #5 7
8. Asif Shah #25 9
9. Brandon Howard #2 4

SP: Hideki Irabu (4-2, 3.77 ERA)

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