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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Templeton goes off the wall in St. George

Long Beach Armada manager Garry Templeton taking a handful of swings at the conclusion of batting practice before a game in St. George. Templeton - a three time National League All-Star - declared if given a five or six swings, he could hit a ball out of Bruce Hurst Field. With David Ramirez throwing BP, Templeton picked up a bat and stepped to the plate...

1 comment:

Joe Caca said...

In a clutch situation, "Tempe" could still hit. The question is whether the GBL has a rule using a runner to run for a hitter.
(Simular to the rule in some softball leauges) Now I would pay to see that. Hell, his batting avg would be better than half of the current players. Again, the qustion is....does he have wheels or not.
See you at the yard!