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Monday, August 31, 2009

Armada regain lead

The Armada regain the lead after scoring two runs in the bottom of the seventh. Josh Womack came home and scored off the RBI single from Matt Edgecombe, then Kaplan was able to walk home from third and score after first baseman Daryl Jones was hit by the pitch to put the Fleet up 4-3. The Armada has four runs, eight hits, and no runs. The Seals have three runs, six hits, and no errors.


Anonymous said...

Another fun season of Armada baseball has come and gone. No, the boys did not make the playoffs, but they did play some great ball down the stretch and made it exciting for all die hard baseball fans. Just wanted to get on here and thank the boys for a fun summer.

I was at the game last night and noticed that certain people got thanks for different reasons. However the people that made the season happen and fun did not get mentioned, so I shall.

The people at the BBQ pit and inside the concession stand working in extreem heat conditions. Katie, Samantha, and Dash, who all worked there tails off to make Josh look good. Believe me.....they did it all.
Casey the clubbie, making sure the boys get whatever they needed before, during, and after the game. The 2 trainor's (Sorry I forgot there names) Mr. "who wants a bag of salty nuts". He brings that big leauge feel to Blair Field. Christina in the dock shop. So profesional and courtious and always with a smile:)
All the guys and gals up in press box. Marty " The Ush" who is always on top of any situation in the stands and around Blair Field.
He will answer any question about the Armada and is great with the kids.
Thanks again for a fun and memorable summer of Armada baseball. We'll do it again next summer.

Joe Caca said...

Your latest internet poll question about how we followed the Armada cracks me up. First of all the Press Telegram is a "wanta be" newspaper that will report about the Armada games 2-3 days after they happen. Most of the time there is not a mention of the game at all. Second of all, the "official web sight" is alright, but like the Telegram, is sometimes slower than a constipated snail in reporting the games.
Personaly, I got my info straight from the horses mouth......the players themselves. It's quick, up to date with no bullshit.
They tell it like it is without any sugar coating. That is all I've got to say. See you at the ball park.