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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Armada having a good night

Bottom of the eighth and the Armada trying to close out the Yuma Scorpions as they were able to pick up one run in the bottom of the seventh, extending their lead to 7-3. Brandon Howard made a run for home and scored off the RBI single from Josh Womack. Womack picked up his 19th RBI of the season. Yuma Manager Boris Villa ended Sheridan's night and replaced him with Right handed pitcher Christian Mendoza. Mendoza is making his 28th game appearance. The Armada has seven runs, 13 hits, and one error. The Scorpions have three runs, eight hits, and one error.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

anyway, why havent you updated about this grandslam that just happened and i am currently furious about?

also i would like to be a host family for dusty g.. i don't even care if he lives in the same city the field's in.

why isn't he picked up yet? go lil guy, go.

ok ttyl.