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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Armada respond up 5-3

Bottom of the fifth and the Fleet have responded offensivly scoring four runs in the bottom of the fourth to put themselves on top 5-3. It started off with Matt Edgecombe scoring off the RBI double from David Ramirez, the score was 2-3. Ramirez advanced to second and Howard was put into scoring position at third. Yuma Manager Boris Villa saw enough and replaced Reynaldo Correal with former Houston Astros selection Eric Sheridan. Brandon Howard was then able to score off the E-8 from Diover Avila to tie the game at three, that put David Ramirez at third ready to come home. Ramirez then made a run for home and scored off the RBI from Jonny Kaplan. Kaplan picked up his 22nd RBI of the second, the score was 4-3. Then Josh Womack came home and scored off the RBI single from Omar Bramasco to put the Fleet up 5-3. So the Armada need to try to hold onto this lead to earn a much needed victory.

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