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Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Time" expires: Lima traded to Edmonton

It looks like the run has ended as Jose Lima has been traded to the Edmonton Capitals for the remainder of the 2009 season. *Make me an offer I can't refuse* For those of you who have been clamoring on this blog for the team to get rid of its major league talent, I guess you're getting your wish. While Hideki Irabu is still on the Armada roster, replacing everything that Jose Lima brought to the table will be a difficult if not impossible task. Long Beach is getting a very capable starting pitcher from the Capitals in Kris Honel - who is scheduled to start Saturday - but the role of team leader that Lima played is one that will leave the biggest void.

Kris Honel, a former first round draft pick of the White Sox, will give the Armada quality starting pitching, but something tells me we won't be hearing any more "Sweet Home Dominicana" in the clubhouse. While the move does "spread the wealth" of having a major talent and even bigger personality like Lima in the league by getting him more exposure to the Canadian teams, we can only hope that he does get the exposure and hopefully the opportunity to get a nod from an affiliated club. That is, after all, what he has been working so hard for.

Lima earned Golden Baseball League All-Star honors this season and was one of four members of the Fleet selected to the GBL's mid-summer classic. So far this season the former Major League All-Star (1999, Houston Astros) has compiled a 5-5 record with a 2.93 ERA. In 11 starts, he has pitched a total of 83 innings, recording 51 strike outs compared to only nine walks. He is averaging between 7 1/3 and 7 2/3 innings per start with Long Beach.

Kris Honel's numbers so far this season. He's 4-4 with a 4.30 ERA. In 10 starts, he has pitched 46 innings, striking out 46 and walking 43.

Here is the official release from the Armada website:

Armada deals Jose Lima to Edmonton for starting pitcher Kris Honel
White Sox former 1st rounder to join Fleet this weekend in Chico

Long Beach, Calif. (July 31, 2009) -– The Long Beach Armada announced tonight that they have traded RHP Jose Lima to the Edmonton Capitals in exchange for RHP Kris Honel, a former first round draft pick of the Chicago White Sox. The two pitchers have similar records in the GBL this season.

Lima has been one of the top pitchers on the Armada staff this season, but will be a free agent at the end of this season. Honel, one of the best young arms in the GBL will be with the Armada next season as well, if he doesn't get picked up by a major league organization, since his contract has an option year left on it that Long Beach can exercise.

Honel, 26, 6-5, 195 was the 16th overall pick in the 2001 amateur draft as the Chicago White Sox made him their first selection that year out of Providence Catholic High School in New Lenox, Illinois. On a fast track, he rocketed up through the White Sox organization reaching AA in two years as he had strikeout totals of 152 and 122 in two short minor league seasons. Injuries sidetracked him in 2004 and 2006 and he moved to the St. Louis Cardinals organization in 2008. Released just this year, he joined the Edmonton Capitals and quickly became one of the leaders of their pitching staff. His four wins this year are third best amongst Capitals' pitchers and he has the second best E.R.A. of the starters on the Edmonton staff and is second in strikeouts. He beat the Armada and Jose Lima in a pitcher's duel on June 17th earlier this season, as he struck out 9 and gave up only two hits and allowed no runs.

Edmonton initiated the trade as they try to solidify their hold on the second playoff spot in the North Division. Lima has pitched very effectively against the Capitals this year and was a huge fan favorite on the Armada's visit to Edmonton in the first half of this season.

Also here are interviews with Jose Lima as well as Garry Templeton on the trade.


Drifter said...

That's a shame, I'm sorry to see Lima go.

Really, really hoping the Armada will keep Irabu. He's the main reason I go to Armada games and I've attended nearly every Armada game he started. I plan which games to go to based on when Irabu is pitching.

I like seeing major leaguers play for the Armada. Not sure why some people apparently don't want them there...

It's Lima Time, er Was Lima Time said...

that sucks
why did you guys trade him?
he seemed like a big part of the team at the games i went to. this honel guy better be good or you guys got robbed blindly.
just look at the innings pitched and you know lima is better to have on your roster than anyone else in the gbl.
good luck the rest of the way

Anonymous said...

i'm with "It's Lima Time" you guys couldn't get some baseballs or bats to go along with Honel. the stat comparison isn't even close. with the way this trade went, the Armada should trade Irabu for some Kung Pao chicken. hey Josh, Lima is 37 years old now. no chance he gets back. i respect that he still loves the game, but isn't OF Darryl Brinkley still playing in the GBL and he is over 40. does he have a shot? the Armada should go after Roger Clemens or Sammy Sosa. that would bring a big crowd.

Anonymous said...


Hahah wow guys looks like the league office stikes again! Someone must have pissed off the commish, for him to take the goldenboy of the Armada... a trade was made through Edmonton and the commissioner, without any input from Tempe or the Armada front office? Way to go, Golden Shower League.

The Boys said...

Anonymous #2
I'm sure you have a smile as wide as Mr. Koolaid. From ear to ear over this trade of Lima. I don't care what you think of Lima. I'm sure Lima doesn't either. As a matter of fact, told me you still don't have the balls to come and express your feelings to the team in person. The invitation is still on the table you sorry ass. So come on down to the dugout sometime and let"s chat.

Anonymous said...

you just dont get it ! remember that josh , you said it ,you & cacca ,all over my ASS early in the year when i told you guys about dumping CLAYPOOL & LAYFIELD for washed up MLB players, now what do you have to say. they dumped on you just like the commish does to the ARMADA every year.16 mlb & a ball players on the armada this year and they are in last place,DO YOU GET IT YET ,there is a reason those players have a X IN FRONT OF THERE NAMES

Anonymous said...

hey dont forget big mac and and barry bonds, maybe they can save the armadas season if you dump
GOBER & BUELLER and put them in the line up. oh no not bueller we know how much he means to all the little kids in long beach. you just dont get it do you

Anonymous said...

THE BOYS- i've said it before and i'll say it again you got something you want to discuss, leave me and email to reach you and we can work out any differences you want.. but wait that's right you like to come on here and be tough on the keyboard that right oh sorry i forgot STEP UP.. i'll tell you and the team anything i want dont be sour LAST PLACE wahhh