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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stark Field in El Centro, CA August 3, 2008

The National Anthem being sung in the middle of the second inning. (not kidding)

From the ground box before first pitch.

Our view from the ground box.

The field itself looks as dry as the desert.

The tiny scoreboard in right field that was on, but not usable.


mark6mauno said...

Wow! What a podunk field! When I was a young kid we would play 'Over the Line' all the time at my local elementary school field. Just outside of left field was a chain-link fence, a street, and a row of houses. When we were real young we couldn't hit the ball the ball over the fence but by the time we were in the 6th/7th grade we could sometimes put the ball over the fence and sometimes hit someone's house, window or car. When we did that we would high tail it because there would be one angry home owner coming after us. That outfield in El Centro looks just like that tiny field we used to play on, just a little larger.

And that broadcasting booth is one to remember for the ages. Minor league weirdness at its finest. :)

joe caca said...

The national anthem in the middle of the 2nd inning? WTF?
Probably could not find anyone in El Centro who could speak clear english much less know the words to the anthem before the game. I've seen little league games played in fields that were in better condition than the one in El Centro, and rumors have it that the GBL is trying to get a team out there for next season or in two years. If they do that then the GBL will stand for "Garbage Baseball League"
Nothing like Blair field for this baseball fan.
See you at the park.