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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wild n Crazy night

Oh what a night.

Despite the fact I admittedly did not watch a good chunk of the game (organizing the mascot race is not as easy as it looks), I have to say that the home opener for the Armada proved to be a great success.  The Fleet dominated behind a strong outing from Currier, and a 9-run inning never hurt anyone.

As for the non-baseball part of the evening: despite the game starting closer to 7pm than the planned 6:35pm, the game ended in time for fans to enjoy the fireworks display (thank you, city of Long Beach) without any hiccups.  The Eliminators filled the concourse with great tunes during the pregame festivities on the concourse.  How awesome was that prize wheel!  And the kid zone, geez, I lost count of how many different inflatable bounce-houses were set up.

Arby I and myself "got into it" out on the field, and I did get my behind whooped by the Feathered Friend of the Fleet while I was wearing a goofy sumo suit.  I don't know how "real" the fighting looked, but I hope that all yall who came out to the game enjoyed the skit.

Kudos to the fans who helped fill Blair Field last night and make opening night 2008 the great success it was.

One down.  43 to go.

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