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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Early schedule woes

The schedule-makers didn't do the Armada any favors to start off the season.  After a three-game opening series at St. George, Long Beach sat idle for five days before taking the field Friday in Chico.  

After tonight's third game against the Outlaws, the Armada will bus home, arriving early Monday morning only to leave most likely on Tuesday for a trip to Reno.  My question is why not have the team just go to Reno early, get a little rest and be ready to play, instead of an additional 17+ hours of riding a bus?

Originally there was talk that the team would leave for Reno early Wednesday morning to arrive later in the day for a game.  That's more than an 8.5 hour bus ride, not including stops.  That's a good recipe for a tired team.

I will throw this bone to the GBL schedule-makers: it's tough to build a decent schedule for both LB and the OC Flyers because they use stadiums that often host college playoff baseball (Blair and Goodwin Fields).  As a result, neither team can start their home schedule until the season is well underway.  

After the upcoming Reno-to-Chico-to-Reno trip this week, the Armada schedule will settle down the rest of the season.

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