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Friday, June 6, 2008

2nd game slumps

This is getting a little ridiculous.

Once is chance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, something's up. When Armada ticketing guru Arin pointed out the Fleet had lost it's third second-game-of-the-series this season, I had to stop and think. It happened in St. George, Chico and now in Reno with last night's 11-8 drilling. The final score doesn't reflect the lashing the Silver Sox dished out last night, but it was there.

I'm not quite sure the reason for the loss. In each situation, it's been a different pitcher on the mound. In St. George, Bierbrodt (1-1) went five innings. In Chico, pitching coach Rik Currier (0-1) made his first start of 2008. Last night, Ryan Claypool - who struggled in a relief appearance in the last series - took the L. All of these men are fine pitchers, terrific pitchers at this level, but perhaps it has more to do with that second-game-of-a-series than anything.

My theory - albeit probably not a very good one, but it's what I got - is that after winning game one against the Roadrunners, Outlaws and Silver Sox is that the Armada got a little laxed because they already have one win in a road series (which is all they've played to this point). Winning on the road in any sport is tough. It's especially difficult in baseball when the game is designed to favor the home team.

I'm not saying these guys are intentionally letting up. I don't think that's in the make up of this team. If anything, they are the type of guys who want to keep the pressure on. When asked about their double-digit run games this season, many of them told me that they don't want to let up even when they're up big; they want to run the other team out of their own stadium. And they've been able to do that several times.

Just not in the second game of a series.

Each time, the Armada has been able to bounce back to win the third game. This two-game set against the Silver Sox breaks their rhythm a little. LB is 5-3 as they head to Chico for their final trip to The Nett in 2008 (unless we have a '07 title rematch in this postseason). If they escape with another 2-1 series win, that's fine...

...even if they do drop that pesky second game.

Let us know what you think. Post a comment with your theory of why LB is 0-3 (all three losses of the season) in second games.


Darrell said...

I agree. After winning the first game, maybe the players are saying that it is time to relax in the second one because won the first one.

Just my thoughts, albeit, it was a good comeback at the end batting around.

Arin a.k.a Guru said...

Well, maybe playing only 2 games in Reno instead of 3 will break the pattern...

lbsuperfan said...

Yes but two 2-1 series on the road and a split in reno is pretty good. any team with that kind of road record is in good shape. just need to keep it up when they start playing at home (speaking of playing at home, can we PLEASE get a home game sooner than a thousand weeks into the season!)

Josh said...

Superfan is right that the road success is positive, regardless of losing the second game of the series.

One thing to look for when they start the home season (btw, home opener: June 13, click here for tickets) is how the bats continue to produce. Blair Field isn't exactly a "hitter's park" when that marine layer rolls in after the 4th inning. Either way, gonna be a great season.


Anonymous said...

2nd game slump???

The way the boys are playing every game looks like they are in a slump. Terrible starting pitching, except for C Klemm, and N Hutchings no one is hitting there weight. T Torcato DH in the No 4 slot hitting just barely over .200? Get real. Starting pithers era above 8.0???? Hello!!
I still beleive that if we can get someone who can hit for power and one good starting pitcher now that J Williams and J Guerrero have been picked up by affiliated teams our team can make a run for a playoff spot. Yes I still beleive.