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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Articles on Womack

Here's a few of the Womack articles that we've come across. Check 'em out...

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1 comment:

Joe Caca said...

Followed the game on the internet last night. Great game pitched by Ben Fox..Also great defense. NO ERRORS!!!!!!
Sounded like the boys played an all around great ballgame. Except for the two leadoff walks in the 9th by Tacker, the bullpen was solid as I have been saying all season. Seagal and Buller...LIGHTS OUT!!!
If my memory is correct....didn't Andre Simpson pitch a one hitter or maybe even 2 one hitters about 3 years ago when he was with the Armada? Check that out when you have the time. I may be wrong, but for ;some reason I recall being at one of the games against the then Fullerton "Cryers" when he might have thrown a 1 hitter. Either that or it was on a Thirsty Thursday $1.00 beer night and I was out of it after the 4th inning. Let's see if the boys can open up a can of whoop ass against the O.C. "Cryers" this weekend.
See you at the ballpark.