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Monday, June 22, 2009

"Jon Wilhite Fundraiser Night" on June 27‏

Hey Armada fans,

The Long Beach Armada , along with the Orange County Flyers, will team up to host "Jon Wilhite Night" on Saturday, June 27 at 7:05 p.m. at Blair Field in Long Beach.

Wilhite, is a former standout baseball player at Cal State Fullerton and a current Manhattan Beach resident. He is the lone survivor of the April 9 fatal car crash that killed Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, Henry Pearson and Courtney Stewart.

"Jon Wilhite Night" is designed to raise funds through a raffle that will take place for his costly rehabilitation. Wilhite is currently undergoing a lengthy and extensive rehabilitation program, at a local Rehabilitation Center in Orange. He spent 20 days at Long Beach Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital after 26 days in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of California Irvine

The teams are requesting support , through a $5 minimum-donation raffle, to generate funds that evening. The grand prize includes four tickets to a future Armada game, a private meet-and-greet with the team, live on-field batting practice with the Armada, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch and an inning of broadcasting on the radio.

Donations for Jon Wilhite can also be made at any Wells Fargo Bank location to account number 3980643658 or mailed to the Benefit Fund for Jon Wilhite, 4733 Torrance Boulevard, #562, Torrance, CA 90503.

For more information, please call the Armada office at (562) 427-4487.

Please show your support Armada Fans on June 27th as we try to raise as much money as we can for this very important cause


Joe Caca said...

Who should represent the Armada at the All-Star game? How about the batboy..At least he doesn't have an ERA in double digits and hasn't commited an error all season...YET.

Seriously, J Seagle and Tacker deserve to go. they have been pretty solid out of the bullpen. Actually the entire bullpen has been pretty solid. It's the starting pitching that is terrible.

Anonymous said...

true caca but guess what the league vote goes to Irabu and Lima for popularity and they think that will bring 10,000 fans to watch the game....

Joe Caca said...

Mr A. I agree with you again. (twice in one day) we are making progress here my friend.

Anyway, you are absolutely correct. If I was the GBL commisioner, I would be ashamed to even attemp to "showcase" Lima and Irabu when they are both past there prime. They should be playing in the other GBL ( Golden years Baseball League) Still say that J Seagle and Tacker deserve to go. 10,000 fans to the all star game. Goodwin field only holds 4600 max and that is standing room only. I will be surprised if 2000 fans come out. I will be there because I love the game.

Anonymous said...

anonymous done hit the nail on the head again, the leauge office just doesnt seem TO GET IT

Mark said...

26 days in intensive care is no fun. I've had to go through rehab before, nothing so serious as Jon Wilhite has to go through, and it is a long, painful process. If you don't have full medical it gets to be pretty damn expensive after a while. I hope people throw some financial support his way.