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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Armada score Two Runs in the Bottom of the Fourth

The fleet was able to pick up two runs and now have a 5-1 lead over the struggling Yuma Scorpions. Josh Womack has showed us his tremendous speed as he made it all the way to third base. He wanted to try to make a run for home but was stooped by Skipper Templeton. After the hit , Womack scored and the Armada Went up 4-1. J.J. Sherril went up to bat and was able to steal 2nd base, also picking up a balk as well. The hit by Casey Garrison allowed Sherrill to come home and score. The Sherrill score put the Armada up 5-1. So far tonight, the Armada have five runs, ten hits, and zero errors.

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