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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Armada vs Flyers Starting Lineup 6/28

Hello Armada fans this is game three of this freeway series as the Armada try to pick up the win in this final game vs the Orange County Flyers. The Armada struggled late in the game last night as the Armada defense wasn't that good, and the errors keep on coming.

Armada Starting Lineup:
1Josh Womack #20 8
2Omar Bramasco #6 6
3J.J. Sherrill #19 9
4Matt Edgecombe #30 DH
5Napolean Calzado #18 5
6Johnny Kaplan #5 7
7Daryl Jones #31 3
8David Ramirez #21 2
9Brandon Howard #2 4

SP: Keith Ramsey #22

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