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Friday, June 26, 2009

Armada vs OC Flyers Starting Lineup

After a week on the road the Armada come back home for a three game series versus their rivals the Orange County Flyers. So far the Armada have a 11-14 record and are in forth place in the South division. Hideki Irabu will be the starting pitcher tonight.

1.Josh Womack #20, 8
2.Omar Bramasco #6, 6
3.J.J. Sherrill#19, DH
4.Casey Garrison #23, 7
5.Matt Edgecombe #30, 9
6.Napolean Calzado #18, 5
7.Andy Bouchie #15, 2
8.Daryl Jones #31, 3
9.Steve Young #1, 4

SP: Hideki Irabu #14

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