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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Word gets around: Temp is back in town

The word is spreading quickly that G-Temp is back in the GBL.

[Press Telegram]
[USA Today]
[Our Sports Central]

The former OC Flyers skipper will lead the Fleet this season after spending this spring as a manager in the GBL's Arizona Winter League.

Here's a quick throw-back to the announcement from when Templeton was named manager of the Fullerton Flyers...


Anonymous said...

Yeager is way better than this Templeton guy. We arnt going to do to good this year. Well its ok but i still wish Yeager would have come back.

Joe Caca said...

I agree with the other comment....Steave Yeager is and always will be a better manager than Gary Templeton. Just take a look at Yeager's winning percentage as a field manager. He is a proven winner every where he has managed.

As long as Big Gary does not bring his error proned son Gary Jr.....oh I almost forgot....he goes by Gary Templeton II, the Armada might have a chance of winning a championship. Win or lose, it's baseball baby. Armada baseball at that.

A quote by Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby....."People ask me what I do in the winter when there is no baseball. I tell them, I stare out the window and wait for spring"

Amen to that.
See you at the ballpark....not soon enough.