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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cracker Cats for sale

Looks like the GBL's Edmonton Cracker Cats might be under new ownership next season, according to an article in the Edmonton Journal.

The struggling Edmonton Cracker-Cats baseball team appears to be close to new ownership.

Several sources say that at least two local groups are preparing -- or may even have finalized -- offers to purchase the franchise from owner Dan Orlich.

One of the interested groups is said to be the Edmonton Oilers.

It might do the Cracker Cats some good to get fresh blood into that organization. Some fans weren't exactly thrilled with the current ownership last season, especially after the team's GM stepped down. I just wonder if there's enough time to get a new ownership group in place before the season starts in four months. Then again, Fullerton and St. George's franchises were purchased by their respective ownership groups much closer to the start of the '07 season, so it could definitely happen.

Anyone want to throw their hat in the ring?

1 comment:

Dave Falk said...

The change is ownership should help put some butts in the seats. Many people lost trust and boycotted the C-Cats because of irresponsible and arrogant ownership over the last few seasons. With a new name, logo and a fresh start, I think Edmonton Baseball will grow once again.