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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Armada @ Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff

The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles hosted its annual Cookie Kickoff - that's right, it's cookie time! - and the Long Beach Armada's Arby I and Sean Buller went to let everyone know of all the exciting baseball just around the corner. Check out some of the great pictures and video from Saturday's event at Hollywood Park in Inglewood.

Arby I found another red-feathered parrot at the booth next to us.

Birds of a feather...

The amazing Sean Buller...

The incomparable Lisa Axelrod, who basically set up the entire event for the Girl Scouts. She'll be at the Girl Scout's Day at the Ballpark this upcoming summer. Stay tuned to the Armada's website for more information about the upcoming Scout Day 2009!

The young ladies who taught Arby I the "cookie macarena" dance... (you must see the video)

Arby I tries his hand, er feathers, at goaltending in the Chivas inflatable...

Some of the cute and cuddly animals at the booth next to ours. Well, cute, but I don't know how cuddly this porcupine would be.

Videos from the Armada at the Cookie Kickoff

Arby I playing in a tent

Arby I does the "Cookie Macarena"

Arby I plays goalie

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