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Monday, October 19, 2009

2010 Slogan Contest

The Long Beach Armada has had it with minor league baseball teams sporting regular run-of-mill slogans each season, and to this point, we haven't really been a part of it. Trotting out tired old phrases like "Greatest Show on Dirt" and so many others aren't the tagline this team needs. That's why in preparation for the 2010, the Armada is turning to it's fans here in Long Beach and across the nation to determine what should be our slogan for the team's sixth season in the International City.

Maybe we should play off the fact that this is the home of Snoop Dogg. Would something like "Play Bizzall" make for a good slogan? I'm not sure, but that's what we want the fans to decide. We're a few years to late to rip off the Blair Witch Project's title which shares with the name of our stadium. "The Blair Field Project" anyone?

So we are turning to the community of Long Beach - and to the entire country really - to determine our 2010 slogan.

A few other ideas we're kicking around include:
  • "Catch the Fever!"
  • "All Aboard!"
  • "Baseball Ahoy!"
  • "Get into the Game!"
Personally, I guess "Play Bizzall" is the most unique, but is it what the people want? Could we get Snoop Dogg himself out there to say it on Opening Day 2010 to really kick this thing off the right way? Between that and the potential for another run at Lima Time, the stadium might blow up.

Now is the time to make suggestions for what you think would be a great minor league baseball tagline for the Long Beach Armada as we enter our sixth season. We'll open up some of the best suggestions to a public vote soon, but right now we need suggestions.

Who knows what may happen. Perhaps we will fall victim to random celebrities using their popularity to hijack the voting the way Stephen Colbert did to NASA. Something tells me we might get a few too many votes for the tagline of "Tune into the Colbert Report tonight after the Daily Show" which doesn't really get our point across, but neither does something like "Come Out & Play" so what's the harm.

Please leave your preliminary suggestions in the comment field below. Let the madness begin!


geoff54 said...

something about the port of long beach
- make port here
- pull into the port

Anonymous said...

Armada Baseball...We've got our ship together...

Ed "Baseball Dad"

Joe Caca said...

Anonymous, I like that slogan!!!!

How about...."Ride the waves" Armada Baseball!!!

I still like yours better.

Marty Miera said...

Just had to get on here and send congradulation to Sean "Angry leggo face" Buller on being names heat baseball coach at Valley Christian High. I'm sure he will be very succesfull. Hope to see him back in an Armada uniform again next season. Armada baseball just would not be the same without him. Again.....CONGRATS!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ballin' in the LBC"

"LBC'ya at Ballgame today"


Rey Reyes

Anonymous said...

Root for 'em or you'll walk the plank!

Josh said...

Thoughts on something like:

"Arrrr you ready!"

Neighbors Plus Insurance Services said...

The Long Beach Armada...Conquering the Coast!

Anonymous said...

"where the pros come to retire"

Anonymous said...

Amada Baseball . . . " where the pros come to retire"

Anonymous said...

Take me out to Long Beach
Take me out to Armada
Buy me some tickets and let's play ball. I don't care if I ever get back,'Cause it's root, root, root
For the home team.
If they don't win it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes
You're out at the Armada ball game.

recuts said...

All the fun...none of the hassle

Sad SoCal Baseball Fan said...

Armada Baseball..... Because the Angels and Dodgers are losers!

Everett Higbee said...

How about one of these:

Join the Fan Friendly Fleet

Join the Family Friendly Fleet

Our tickets don't cost an arrrrrm and a pegged leg.

A Long Beach Treasure

Anonymous said...'s another one you can't use....
Long Beach Armada...
Our ship don't sink


Pinebro said...

The Armada has arrived, get ready for Battle!

J.R. Salazar said...

Long Beach Armada Baseball. "Arrr ya fan enough?"

PVGLBC said...

"Fleet Don't Fail Me Now!"

"The Armada: The Ship that launched a thousand bases!"

"The Armada: Baseball at it's beachiest"

"The Armada: Sons of beaches"

"Armada: Professional baseball in your backyard"

"Armada told us there'd be days like these.."

and th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Anonymous said...

Since the Armada travels to Golden League games as far away as Edmonton, how about:

Long Beach Armada Baseball:

Estimated 2000 Miles Per Galleon

(big league, big value, impressive performance, etc.)

Go Beach!!!


Anonymous said...

"Mess with Long Beach, get the ARMADA!!!"

JAH B. said...


Militia Advertising said...

Where diamonds are a fans best friend.
Watch us knock one out the port.
Always see worthy.
Where action sets sail.
Set sail for home.
Set sail for action.
So much drama in the LBC.
Go balls out.
Red sky at night, Armanda delight.

Anonymous said...

Give us 2 hours and we will show you how baseball is played!

Win this one for the skipper!

Long Beach Armada - For the love of the game...

good to the last pitch....

there aint no party like a armada party cuz the aramadas dont stop

baseball is what we do

the passionate pursuit of winning

chad D long beach

Unknown said...

"Smashing Fun"