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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

44 invited to training camp

Training camp 2009 starts Sunday, May 10 at Cal State University Dominguez Hills. Manager Garry Templeton along with pitching coach Jerry Spradlin, hitting coach Garry Templeton II, and bullpen coach Sean Buller will use the 10-day training camp to determine which of the 44+ training camp invitees will make the 22-man roster. The Armada season begins May 21 on the road with three series in Canada. Long Beach opens at home at Blair Field on Tuesday, June 9 against the Tijuana Potros.

**Not all players who will be attending training camp are listed below. Be on the look out for a few other names at camp this season. Check the website for the latest details!

Here's the list (returning players in bold):
Position players:
1B - Daryl Jones
1B - Chad Miller
1B/OF - Matt Edgecombe
2B - Steve Young
INF - Michael Glomb
SS - Omar Bramasco
SS - Brandon Howard
SS - Ryan Selden
UT - Jim Davenport
UT - Jimmy Rohan
OF - Casey Garrison
OF - Matt Hirsh
OF - Josh Jennings
OF - Isidro Perez
OF - JJ Sherrill
OF - Doug West
OF - Josh Womack
C - Josh Banda
C - Bryan Beres
C - Andy Bouchie
C/INF - Jack Chapman

Pitchers invited:
P - Jamie Arneson
P - Zach Beal
P - Dustin Birosak
P - Sean Buller
P - Ryan Claypool
P - Brian Daly
P - Ryan Foss
P - Ben Fox
P - Dustin Gober
P - Hideki Irabu
P - Juan Jimenez
P - Rusty Jones
P - Andrew Layfield
P - Jose Lima
P - Scott Lonergan
P - Shane Maguire
P - Keith Ramsey
P - Darmey Sanchez
P - Justin Segal
P - Andrew Soto
P - Eddie Spychalski
P - Ryne Tacker
P - Marcus Taylor


george said...

What happened to Octavio Martinez and Wayne Foltin

Josh said...

For now, there is still a possibility of Foltin joining the team as a closer.

Octavio Martinez is playing for Southern Maryland in the Atlantic League this season. stats

george said...

Thanks for the info. Can probably catch Martinez online. Look forward to seeing Foltin again this year. See you guys picked up another Bako boy - Arneson.

Anonymous said...

not that i want to get josh and cacca excited again , but Im going to anyway, your new X big leaugers didnt show for the first day of spring training, IM guessing they are kinda special & dont have to follow the rules like the rest of the guys. oh i know josh knows the reason for that being he knows it all, were you there I WAS !!!!!!!

Josh said...

Okay, seriously man, you either gotta stop spreading bull**** or stop commenting all together.

No one didn't show up for training camp. Please stop spreading rumors that are just wrong. I was out there today, and so were our players. Shoot, here's a picture of Lima for you if you didn't have a good seat while you were "at camp" today *doubtful*

Anonymous said...

IRABU has NOT been there no rumor about that, LIMA missed first day no rumor there either.

Josh said...

Dude, the picture was posted yesterday after the FIRST DAY of camp. Camp opened May 10. Lima was clearly there. Quit your cowardly anonymous comments full of lies because there is just no point to them.