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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GBL wins judgment vs. Canseco

Remember a few years back when Jose Canseco suited up for the Armada in 2006?  Good times indeed.  The league released a statement yesterday saying that the GBL has won its lawsuit over Canseco after a judge found he breached his marketing agreement with the league.  The Long Beach Press-Telegram and LA Times ran with the story about how Canseco skipped out on his marketing appearances.

It's amazing the roller coaster this guy has been on in the past five or so years. He writes "Juiced" and has the entire baseball world shun him. Years later he comes back with a book "Vindicated" after everyone discovers that his first book wasn't full of horse manure. So now he looks like he's going to rise again, and he claims he has dirt on A-Rod who we now know used. But the guy is losing money hand-over-fist (who isn't in this economy), and now he's got to pay a quarter-million dollars to the Golden Baseball League.

Might be time for another book, eh?


Joe said...

My comment on this is as follows:

1. The entire idea of having Cosucko in the GBL was a total joke from the begining. Yes he was good for ticket sales, but also the entire media circus was a joke and a total distraction to the GBL and to the Armada once he was down the Armada's throat. The GBL knelt down and kissed his steriod ladened posterior at every demand he made.

2. Talking to some of the Armada players at the time, most of them said that he and his media circus were a big distraction to them. If my memory is correct. The Armada were on an 11 game winning streak befor Consucko joined the team. After that, they went south and did not even make the playoffs. Oh well that is in the past.

3. I wonder how much (if any) will the Armada recieve from this 1/4 million dollar judgement.
My guess?.......NOT A THING!!!!
The entire deal is just a cheap way for the GBL to get free publicity. I guess even bad publicity is better than no publicity. Oh well, enough of this subject.
Let's talk baseball instead.
See you at the ballpark!!!

"Cappie" said...

Who is this Joe person?
He's got some good stuff. Keep it coming.