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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arby I visits Our Lady of Refuge Harvest Festival

Pictures from Arby I's visit to the Our Lady of Refuge Harvest Festival on Saturday, November 15.

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Look it's Jay Leno!  Oh, never mind, it's the Long Beach State mascot...

Arby I. gets his groove on singing, or squawking kareoke with the OLOR principle...

The partying parrot mocks a kid on his cell phone...

The GBL's most musical mascot tests his skills with a game of guitar hero...

... and no one know how or when exactly Arby I. learned to play guitar hero, but he hung in there all right ...

I guess not everyone was thrilled to see the the Blair Field Birdy...

Danger.  Danger, Arby I.  Danger!  :-)

Arby I. writes up an arrest warrant for Sean and Josh.  Delinquents!

Arby I. and Sean Buller serve as judges for the Harvest Festival's chili cook off.  Mmm...

Arby I. takes a few martial arts lessons...

Video from the Harvest Festival

Arby I. tries his aim at the dunk tank ... that's why he's the mascot and not a pitcher.

Armada reliever and bullpen coach Sean Buller tests his aim at the dunk tank.

And a little kid tests his accuracy at the dunk tank. You know where this is going...


Sean and Josh end up in jail after Arby I. gets a warrant for their arrest

Arby I. even found a lady he liked ... turns out she was taken. Sorry, Arby I :-(

The bird gets caged when the kids decide to put Arby I. in jail.  Oh no!

What a great Saturday at Our Lady of Refuge's Harvest Festival.  Thanks for allowing Arby I. to spread his wings and visit with his buddy and Armada pitcher Sean Buller.  Look out for Arby I. and the whole Armada crew around Long Beach all off season.

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