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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Unfortunately the Fleet went down in 5 games to the rival Flyers this past weekend. We've had some great moments this season that we will probably never see again. We (Wes Komathy and J.R. Reed) would like to take this moment and say thanks. Thanks to all of those that came out to Blair Field to watch the Armada. Thanks to those that supported the players with the passing of the hat and the donation for those All-Stars back in July. Thanks to the players for never giving an inch by winning 15 of their last 18 games to clinch the last playoff spot. And most of all, thanks to the fans. The fans that emailed during the broadcast. The fans that would greet us before every game. The fans that provided a pre-game meal for the press box. We would like to thank everyone that helped with the broadcasts. From IBN sports to those keeping score, announcing at Blair Field and operating the scoreboard. We thank each and everyone of you. We've seen four straight walk off wins and met some great people in the process. Thanks for a great season.

Wes & J.R.


Marty M Miera said...

Thank you both for a great season in the broadcast booth. I was able to listen in on some road games. You guys along with Josh did on hell of a job. Hope to see/listen to you guys again next season. Doing what I do during the games, I must say we have the best and most devoted fans in the GBL. I agree we saw some great ball all season long. The month of August was just awesome. As you stated, 15 out of 18 wins at one point. 3 straight walk off wins. 3 great put outs at the plate, including the one to put
the Armada into the playoffs. This was the most exciting season yet. I can't wait to start all over again next season. You guys take care of yourselves and keep in touch. I can be emailed at the following email addresses.

Marty M Miera

Josh said...

Truly another great season in the GBL. Armada fans are something else. Coming over from OC last year to work in LB this season, I wasn't 100% sure was to expect out of the fans at Blair... but boy was it a ton of fun getting to know each and every one of yall this season.

Let's do it again in '09!

- Josh